My Apology Letter

What I Learned About Email Marketing

Recently I sent an email about my fan fundraising campaign to a new list I created using addresses I scraped from the lists of the bands I play in: Molly’s Revenge, Story Road, Little Black Train, plus addresses of our customers on our online Bandcamp Store. I was surprised and embarassed to receive the following email from MailChimp with this scary subject line:

MailChimp Compliance High Abuse Rate Suspension

“A recent campaign, “Tradition Kickstarter #1,” generated spam complaints at a rate that exceeded allowable industry thresholds … Noting that an above-threshold rate of spam complaints was returned for the campaign, we do have to ask that the full “Stuart Mason Mailing List” be removed from the account at this time.

” If you wish to provide subscribers with information on another brand or project that you offer, we recommend sending a campaign using the branding that subscribers opted in under that explains the new project, and provides the opportunity to sign up to hear about this new brand separately. Doing so helps to keep customers informed and minimize spam complaints.”

So–here’s a chance for you to opt in to my new Stuart Mason list. I promise to never again promote my own projects on any other list–other than reminding you about this list, rarely. Please sign up!


I apologize for any inconvenience this email mixup may have caused.

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely, Uncle Stu

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Uncle Stu

Watercolor artist. Folk musician. Lucky husband. Incomplete angler. Student of the art of living.

One thought on “My Apology Letter”

  1. Hi Stu,
    I do not in anyway feel your original request was an intrusion. I am sorry anyone did. I know of no other musician as honorable as you. And I must say I know of a few who, in all likelihood, have become more authentic and honorable because you set the bar at a fine place for everyone around you.

    You may add my name to any list you wish. However, if you know what’s good for everyone, please do not sign me up for the choir.

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