Tis the Season for Winterdance

New World String Project will continue a joyful and cherished holiday tradition this year. The well known Winterdance Celtic Christmas Celebration will return, with two members of Molly’s Revenge and our champion Irish dancers. This year’s music will include Celtic seasonal favorites from previous years, as well as new music with a decidedly Nordic twist. Attendees will enjoy virtuosic performances on exotic instruments like nyckelharpa, cittern, Celtic harp, and cajon, as well as fiddle, guitar, and octave mandolin. 


Winterdance Dates 2022

Thursday, Dec 1 – Carmichael CA – GET TICKETS

Friday Dec. 2 – San Jose, CA – GET TICKETS

Saturday Dec. 3 – Pacific Grove CA – GET TICKETS

Sunday Dec. 4 – Los Osos, CA – GET TICKETS

Thursday Dec. 8 – Ashland OR – GET TICKETS

Friday Dec 9 – Monroe OR – GET TICKETS

Saturday Dec. 10 – Portland OR – GET TICKETS

Sunday Dec. 11 – Ridgefield, WA – GET TICKETS

The core of the Winterdance show is New World String Project, comprised of four highly skilled and well known multi-instrumentalists that have joined forces to create an exciting tapestry of traditional music. Band members Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter have played Swedish, Celtic and original tunes for many years together, while John Weed and Stuart Mason are known as long-time members of the legendary Molly’s Revenge. Before the pandemic, the quartet honed their chops and found their voice as a band by touring up and down the West Coast, where audiences were enchanted by their rare instruments and masterful skills. The result is something new and uniquely their own–a sound rooted in the older traditions of Scandinavia, Appalachia, and the Celtic lands, yet shimmering with modern influences as well. 

“Our audience certainly enjoyed your performance… You exceeded everyone’s expectations and introduced many of them to a completely new style and sound, which is a rare gift.” –Tim Bray, Oak & Thorn Productions 

Listen and learn more at newworldstringproject.com.

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