Weddings and Wakes

Stuart Mason and John Weed
Stuart Mason and John Weed

John Weed (fiddle) and Stuart Mason (guitar, mandola, banjo) perform traditional fiddle and folk music at special events, family gatherings, and schools.

Acoustic folk music on fiddle, mandolin, and guitar sets the perfect mood for your special day, whether it’s a wedding, a wake, or a family reunion. Add bagpipes and you’ve got a Scottish-Irish party with Molly’s Revenge, who are “exciting and incendiary, yet still possess a softness of tone that leaves one breathless.” (Shay Black)

Story Road is a new Celtic trio that features vocalist Colleen Raney. “Singing with a deep love for the tradition, and for the dark poetry of Celtic song, Colleen has been drawing new life from the old ballads and renewing our love for Celtic music.” –Devon Leger, Hearth Music.

Add mandolin wizard Kenny Blackwell, and now it’s bluegrass-roots band Little Black Train, who tell “tales of gamblers and moonshiners, reels and jigs, soulful rootsy music that promises to transport you to another time and place.” (Glen Starkey, New Times San Luis Obispo)

Our group can present lovely traditional and classical music before the wedding, as well as beautiful processional music for the entrance of the wedding party, and then break out some lively jigs and hoedowns immediately after the ceremony.

The possibilities for your event are many and varied, from a full Molly’s Revenge show to an old-time fiddle jam to our own David Brewer piping in a kilt. Contact us to learn more!

LISTEN: Liberty Set (by Little Black Train)

LISTEN: The Air Tune (by Molly’s Revenge)

LISTEN: Mr. Campbell Set (by David Brewer)

LISTEN: The Devil’s Box (by Stuart Mason)