UPDATE: New Solo Album

cover2-webMy second solo album will be titled Tradition. We are almost done with tracking, and we are just beginning the process of mixing, which of course will lead to mastering, replication, and promotion. The 15 pieces I’ve chosen are all traditional, and mostly songs, with two tune sets thrown in for balance. My fan fundraising campaign on tilt.com ended on Valentine’s Day, with 89 donations raising a total of $5,745 toward production of the new record. My team so far consists of Steve Crimmel (engineer), Ryan Davidson (associate producer), Susan O’Leary (video), Ren Nickson (still photography), and of course the musicians: Tony Furtado (slide guitar), Ryan Davidson (bass fiddle, harmonica), Gary Arcemont (fiddle), John Weed (fiddle), David Brewer (tinwhistle), Kenny Blackwell (mandolin), and more to be added. I will be doing lead vocals on 13 of the 15 tracks and I play the fretless banjo, guitar, and mandola.

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Uncle Stu

Watercolor artist. Folk musician. Lucky husband. Incomplete angler. Student of the art of living.

One thought on “UPDATE: New Solo Album”

  1. Good news! A very generous anonymous donor just donated at the TOP level and took home my vintage archtop guitar! And we’ve had some other post-campaign contributions as well, to place our grand total above $7000. So thanks again to all you wonderful folks out there for supporting traditional music and my career. CD release date will be some time in May.

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