Kickin into 2015

The Mason & Weed Project will be kicking it up a notch this year with more duo gigs than ever and the beginnings of a new studio album. Taking a cue from our peers in the fast-evolving music industry, our new cuts will be released as a series of singles. And to set the tone, we will ring in the New Year with a private house concert and party in San Luis Obispo on Dec. 31, and then some hangover therapy on Jan. 1 with a gig at our favorite neighborhood pub on the water in Morro Bay, called the Libertine. Pop over to the SHOWS page for all the juicy details.

In other news, Molly’s Revenge will be recording a new album early in the new year. We’re starting to lose count of how many records we have released and how many years we’ve been a band, because we don’t have that many fingers on both hands. We’ll be launching a crowd funding campaign to support the new record–more on that later.

Hope to see you soon! –Stu

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Uncle Stu

Watercolor artist. Folk musician. Lucky husband. Incomplete angler. Student of the art of living.

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