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We are Molly’s Revenge. ​We play instrumental Celtic music and related tunes, both ancient and modern, on bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, mandola, bodhran, and guitar. Our band has been in existence for 16 years, and we have played concerts from Glasgow, Scotland to Shanghai, China. Right now we are in the midst of recording our 13th album (we think it’s number 13–it’s more than ten fingers anyway). We are launching a fan funding campaign and asking our family of friends and fans to help support this big new project. Please consider a donation of any size!

Donors will get rewards, depending on the amount they contribute. Rewards are cumulative: at each level, the donor will receive all rewards from all lower levels as well. For example, if you donate $45, you get an advance copy of the new CD, 3 bumper stickers, and an advance digital download of the album.

$10 or more: advance digital download of the album
$20 or more: three new ​Molly’s Revenge bumper stickers (plus the download)
$30 or more: advance copy of CD (plus all of the above)
$60 or more: signed advance copy of CD (plus all of the above)
$100 or more: patron credit in album liner notes (plus all of the above)
$500 or more: executive producer credit in liner notes (plus all of the above)

$1500 or more: ​take home David’s beautiful wooden Irish flute, made by Gilles LÉHART, key of D. This flute, from David’s personal collection, is made of high quality African Blackwood, with brass ferrules and tuning slide, and comes with leather covered red-velvet case. You could own this fine instrument from David’s personal collection, plus all of the premiums listed above.

iphone 1 webDavid has played this flute in many a session. It has a sweet tone and is very easy to play, as far as wooden flutes go. It is perfect for playing many styles of Celtic music: Irish, Scottish, and especially Breton music, like the featured Breton medley on the track “The Road to Brittany”, from Molly’s Revenge: Raise the Rafters album, as well as tunes destined to be recorded on this upcoming release. Flute Maker Gilles (Jil) LÉHART of Trézélan, (Bégard) in northern Brittany (France), has made wooden flutes, bombardes and binioù (Breton bagpipes) there since 1987. He is also a famous music player: champion of Brittany 2010 biniou-bombarde players (and seven times vice-champion of Brittany).

We’ll be using Tilt as ​our crowd funding platform. ​It’s very much like Kickstarter, but they charge us less. Tilt makes it simple and easy to donate on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. NOTE: You don’t have to donate online–please, drop us an email to donate a check. Our tilt is the amount we need to reach in order to fund the project. You will not be charged until we tilt. There is also a target amount we will try to reach, above and beyond the tilt amount. Our tilt amount is​ ​$​5000 and our target is $​10,000.

​As you might imagine, making a record can be quite expensive. Even though we will be saving on some of the typical production costs by using our own professional studio gear and working at the same remote retreat we used the last two albums, we need your help. Our expenses will include travel, mixing, mastering, replication, promotion, and licensing fees to various composers. ​We are always on the lookout for new material that will excite us and our audiences, and we’re throwing a wider net this time. We’ve already collected our favorite Scottish, Irish, American, French, and Swedish tunes, and hope to work in some originals as well. With a diversity of raw material, we plan to bring some wild ideas to the mix and stitch together some of our strongest sets ever.

Our Tilt campaign ends on March 1 at 4 pm. If we don’t reach $5k we don’t tilt and nobody will be charged. But we think we will tilt. Our musical community has brought us this far, through sunshine and rain, many miles and many smiles. We have faith in you! Please consider a donation of any size.

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