The Heart of Erin: St. Pats Shows

Upcoming Shows:

Mar 9-11, 2012 – Sonora, CA (US) @ Mother Lode Fairgrounds – Sonora Celtic Faire w/Christa Burch

Mar 15, 2012 – Felton, CA (US) @ Don Quixote’s International Music Hall – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration w/ Colleen Raney & Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers

Mar 16, 2012 – Pleasanton, CA (US) @ St. Clare’s Episcopal Church – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration w/ Colleen Raney & Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers – Buy Tickets

Mar 17, 2012 – Brooks, CA (US) @ Cache Creek Casino – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration WEBSITE


Travel to The Heart of Erin with Molly’s Revenge members John Weed and Stuart Mason, Celtic singers Colleen Raney and Christa Burch, piper Zac Leger, and percussionist John Pozzi. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day 2012, this all-star lineup will present a lively selection of pure-drop tunes and songs from Ireland and Scotland. Their repertoire is a perfect balance of uplifting dance tunes and heart-tugging ballads. They will be joined for some shows by the young, colorful stars of the Rosemary Turco Irish Dancers.

Colleen Raney will perform with Heart of Erin
Colleen Raney will sing on St Pats weekend

Among the best young Celtic singers of her generation, Colleen Raney is inspired by the Irish and Scottish songs and tunes that she grew up with as a member of the multi-talented Raney family and alongside the world renowned harp and dulcimer duo Magical Strings.  Through her gorgeous voice and deft arrangements, Colleen breathes new life into the old songs, bringing out new facets to the music that haven’t been heard before.

Vocalist Christa Burch possesses a singular voice: warm, supple, expressive, intimate, and instantly recognizable. Part of a vibrant new generation of American folk singers, Christa deftly marries intuitive musicianship and storytelling through song. She has toured from coast to coast with her band the Syncopaths, and with Molly’s Revenge as a guest vocalist. Christa brings her percussive bodhran into the mix on the group’s traditional sets of Irish jigs and reels.

Christa Burch will sing at Sonora Celtic Faire
Christa Burch will sing at Sonora Celtic Faire

Zac Leger is an award winning uilleann piper, multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer. Zac was a gold medalist in the 2003 Mid-Atlantic Fleadh, taking several other medals on other instruments. He also holds a senior All-Ireland piping title, one of only several Americans to ever place in this prestigeous event. He has performed, played and recorded with many of the leading lights in Irish and Celtic music, and is a former member of Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul.

John and Stuart are members of Molly’s Revenge, a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. Molly’s Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and prestigious events in Australia, Scotland, and China. They have performed on stage with John Doyle, Liz Carroll, Aaron Jones, and other top Celtic artists.

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