Story Road: California Tour

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Irish folk band Story Road is set to begin an eagerly anticipated west coast tour at the 21st annual KVMR Celtic Festival in Nevada City, California. Tour dates:

9/30-10/1, 2017 KVMR Celtic Festival & Marketplace
10/2, 2017 House Concert – Cottonwood, CA
10/4, 2017 Carl Cherry Center – Carmel, CA
10/5, 2017 Don Quixote’s Music Hall – Felton, CA
10/6, 2017 The Grand Annex – San Pedro, CA
10/7, 2017 The Red Barn – Los Osos, CA
10/08, 2017 St. Luke’s Church – Bradley, CA

Story Road is a collaboration between four of America’s premier Irish traditional musicians, John Weed, Stuart Mason, Colleen Raney, and Ryan Davidson. Known for their dynamic live shows, the band’s repertoire of tunes and songs is culled from the rich traditions of Ireland, Scotland, and the American South.

Each member of Story Road is individually unparalleled, and together they blend their best of their talents to create a musical experience rooted in tradition, yet lively, vibrant, and diverse. A Story Road performance is a master class in the story, heart, and music from both sides of the Atlantic. With tour dates throughout California from September 29th through October 8th, audiences from Redding to Los Angeles have the opportunity to see Story Road in concert.

Vocalist Colleen Raney has been referred to as “among the best in her genre,” (Irish Music Magazine) and “one of America’s best traditional singers” (Tradconnect). This comes as little surprise given her dedication to the craft of performing and preserving the vibrant song tradition of Ireland. Raney is compelled by the beauty of traditional Irish songs and has committed herself to honoring the music not just with her voice, but in her tireless research of the origins, history, and story behind each piece before singing a single note.

Colleen has toured extensively both at home and abroad, and has recently been touring as a guest vocalist for the internationally recognized Irish band, Solas. Highlights have included The KVMR Grass Valley Celtic Festival, Winston-Salem Celtic Festival, Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, and Seattle’s respected Northwest Folklife Festival, where she was a regular performer from 1980 – 2012. Her music can be heard on radio from Italy, to Ireland, to New York, to Hawaii, to Japan and all parts in between.

John Weed and Stuart Mason are members of Molly’s Revenge, a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. Molly’s Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and prestigious events in Australia, Scotland, and China. They have released 11 albums and appeared on stage with John Doyle, Liz Carroll, Aaron Jones, and other top Celtic artists. “There is an engaging freshness and yet an impressive maturity in their playing,” said National Heritage Award recipient Mick Moloney.

An accomplished fiddler across genres, John Weed has lived in Ireland and immersed himself in the traditional styles of Clare and Donegal. The result is an old-time Irish fiddling style that compliments his forays into bluegrass, swing, and other American music. Stuart Mason has been collecting and performing traditional music for over 30 years. He has appeared on stage from Ireland to China performing Celtic, old time bluegrass, and his original compositions, which have won awards from the West Coast Songwriters Association.

Talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and ethnomusicologist, Ryan Davidson has been performing across genres in the US and Europe for the last 2 decades. After years spent in Ireland; graduating the University of Limerick; studying jazz at the Bob Cole Conservatory, and performing with countless traditional, folk, rock and blues artists, he has developed a dynamic, diverse, and complimentary style that has lent him to collaborate on over 20 albums with prominent performers in a variety of genres.

Complete tour information, including dates and locations can be found at

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One thought on “Story Road: California Tour”

  1. Story Road to Close Out the Festival

    Eight of our festival headliners will close the show on Sunday with a first-time-ever collaboration – The Last Pint.

    Celtic musical tradition lends itself to blending and pushing the boundaries of music. The results can be magical and much more than the sum of the parts.

    Aryeh Frankfurter, Colleen Raney, Eamon McElholm, Stuart Mason, Lisa Lynne, John Weed, Ryan K Davidson, Johnny B. Connolly and friends will share the stage and promise a grand finale that will surely melt some faces.

    Backstage at festivals, late night at music camps, over a pint in a pub and in airports and living rooms musicians’ paths cross and music gets made in an informal way – sharing a tune. Particularly in Celtic music, pleasure is taken by digging into the common repertoire and learning what’s new. Tunes come with stories that put them in perspective and place them in the tradition – new and old.

    From the sharing come friendships, bands, recordings and inspiration. These players have all spent time together in casual settings pushing the boundaries and finding the common thread. The Last Pint is sure to cover new ground and show what great players and an enthusiastic crowd can make of an early fall evening.

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