What they’re saying about ‘Tradition’

“Love it! The arrangements are rich yet pared back… with gritty vocals and strong instrumentals. Tis a thing of rare, old timey beauty.” — Fiona Ritchie, Thistle & Shamrock | NPR

“An outstanding recording that is reserved and honest in its approach to some great old songs. The result is a refreshing and beautiful album.” —Tony Lawless, Tradconnect | Ireland

‘Stuart Mason evokes a rich, dark, contemporary sound on a host of classic old songs, bringing them beautifully into the modern world.’ – Evie Ladin

“Dark and mysterious, and lovingly crafted, a beautifully nostalgic record of folk classics.” —Nuala Kennedy

“A tasteful, immensely enjoyable presentation of music that is made for the soul.” —Joel Savoy

“This CD represents some of the best in living tradition. The beautiful, rich tones of this music are a portal to times long past.”–Riley Baugus

“Stuart Mason’s new solo record is a richly realized recording with warm, open banjo sounds… it’s a lovely ride the whole way through.” — Moira Smiley

“This is music crafted by a man who understands where the tradition came from and has a firm hand on where it’s going.” —Devon Leger, KITHFOLK

“A great CD, beautifully recorded and full of passion, joy and sincerity.” —Aaron Jones, Old Blind Dogs | Scotland

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Uncle Stu

Watercolor artist. Folk musician. Lucky husband. Incomplete angler. Student of the art of living.

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