March Madness: Molly’s Revenge


California-based Celtic band Molly’s Revenge announces their as-yet unnamed new album featuring a sparkling array of the band’s unusual and arresting aural folk art. Traditional Celtic, Scandinavian, French, and old time American tunes have never sounded so alive and vibrant as they do when played by Molly’s Revenge. This is the music they will bring out on the road in the summer of 2016 to support the new record. You’ll have a chance to hear brand new material played at upcoming shows in March and April, before the record is released.

Earlier this year, the band worked night and day to put together their best album yet, and their fans (or Mollycules) were very generous with donations to a successful fan fundraising campaign. Again, they traveled north to a secluded coastal retreat among the redwoods to arrange and record the album. They have always specialized in rocking Scottish and Irish jigs and reels, but they wanted to push the envelope on this one, and they did. A quiet beauty only hinted at before has emerged as a foil for the wall of wailing pipes and fiddle that marks any set by these boys.

The band included Scandinavian and French tunes, with beautiful guest perfo​r​mances by Aryeh Frankfurter (nyckelharpa) and Lisa Lynne (Celtic harp). They also tapped into the American tradition with a lovely waltz written by Norman Blake and a brace of ​old timey reels thrown down on highland pipes and fiddle. This unlikely marriage of melodies was Mollified and recorded with California sizzle and old school grit. The result is a step up for the boys. An evolutionary advance that will turn your head. And a fortunate convergence that all of us can enjoy.

Molly’s Revenge perfo​r​ms instrumental Celtic music and related tunes, both ancient and modern, on bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, mandola, bodhran, and guitar. The band has been in existence for 16 years, and they have played concerts from Glasgow, Scotland to Shanghai, China.

Please visit website for details.

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