New Album from Molly’s Revenge

Dynamic Celtic group Molly’s Revenge announces the release of an all-instrumental collection titled Trio, their first album as a three-piece, on July 2, 2013. The California-based group has performed since 2000 as a four and five-piece acoustic band, touring internationally, releasing ten CDs and working with producers John Doyle and Aaron Jones to release their last two albums.

Early in 2013, after a year of playing together as a trio, Molly’s Revenge recorded a full length studio album at a remote location in the redwoods of the Mendocino coast. The band converted fiddler John Weed’s family home into a recording studio and sequestered themselves without cell service, internet, family, or friends. The goal was to fully capture the essence and energy of a live Molly’s Revenge performance.

The tunes were carefully selected and had to meet with unanimous enthusiasm. With German microphones, high end audio equipment, and the Pacific Ocean in full view, the lads played their hearts out to create an exciting new record. There were no overdubs, minimal edits, and each track had to retain the dynamic feel and raw energy of what the band has always embodied. The result encompasses Scottish pipe sets, driving Irish reels, jigs, polkas, slides, and hornpipes, French Canadian fiddle tunes, and even a set of American oldtime tunes featuring Highland pipes. With a compelling collection of fierce and beautiful tunes recorded in a windswept coastal retreat, Molly’s Revenge begins a new era as a trio.


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