New Release: Slow & Easy (25 Essential Irish Tunes)

Slow & Easy
Slow & Easy

John Weed, fiddler and Stuart Mason, DADGAD guitarist (aka my mandola teacher), have just released a CD for learning 25 ‘essential’ Irish session tunes played on fiddle and guitar, called Slow and Easy.  The CD can be ordered online, or downloaded, or you can download individual tunes, if there are just a few that you still need in your repertoire. AND,  they have free online charts with ‘dots’ and chords for DADGAD guitar.   What I love about this CD is that not only is it a good learning tool, but it makes for good listening, too. It’s challenging to play Irish tunes slow enough to hear the notes clearly and still have it be musical, and they accomplished both. No, I don’t get a commission on sales 🙂 I just think this is a great CD and want to share this as a tune-learning resource. —Roz Phillips

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Uncle Stu

Stuart Mason is an incomplete angler who moonlights as a musician, artist, writer, and web designer.

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