Little Black Train to Appear with Special Guest Amaya Rose

Who: Little Black Train with special guest Amaya Rose
What: Coalesce Concerts
Where: Coalesce Garden Wedding Chapel at 845 Main St. in Morro Bay
When: Friday July 8 2011, 7:00 p.m.
Tickets: $15 call 772-2880

Amaya Rose with Little Black Train
Amaya Rose with Little Black Train

The Coalesce Bookstore will present the old-time acoustic Americana music of Little Black Train with special guest Amaya Rose on Friday July 8 at the intimate Garden Wedding Chapel in Morro Bay.

Acoustic trio Little Black Train will perform a fun, refreshing fusion of vintage fiddle tunes, bluegrass mandolin, and songs of old-time Americana. Weed and Mason are also members of the Santa Cruz Celtic group Molly’s Revenge, and Kenny Blackwell is known for his collaborations with guitar wizard Dorian Michael.

Opening the show will be 12-year old fiddler Amaya Rose of Paso Robles. Amaya was first chair in the SLO Youth Symphony this past season, and performs regularly with country singer Monte Mills. She has won multiple awards in Irish dance; she runs her own business called Amaya’s Chicken Ranch; and she creates custom greeting cards under the moniker Hen and Ink.

The oldternative sound of Little Black Train features a virtuosic bluegrass mandolinist, a traditional Irish fiddler, and an old-timey songster. Their music is old as the hills. From Depression-era gospel and blues to Appalachian and Celtic dance tunes, they dig up the roots of bluegrass that traveled to America from Ireland and Scotland in the 19th century. They combine new words and melodies with traditional songs from sources such as the Carter Family, Doc Boggs, and Charlie Poole. On the instrumental side, they mine fiddle tunes from archival sources in West Virginia, Ireland, and Scotland.

Mandolinist Kenny Blackwell, who studied with the legendary Jethro Burns, is known for his extensive studio work, as well as his collaborations with progressive fiddler Richard Greene and his membership in the Laurel Canyon Ramblers, a legendary California bluegrass outfit. Fiddler John Weed has lived in Ireland and immersed himself in the traditional styles of Clare and Donegal.  The result is an old-time Irish fiddling style that complements his forays into bluegrass, swing, and other American music. West Virginia native Stuart Mason is known for his authentic vocals, melodic mandola, and inability to hold his whiskey.

Call 772-2880 to reserve seats.
Photo: Little Black Train with special guest Amaya Rose
Photo credit: Lisa Wieler

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