Morro Bay Folk and Fiddle Festival

Acoustic folk and country bands Little Black Train, Mud Thump, and Mother Corn Shuckers will be performing at the Morro Bay Folk and Fiddle Festival on Saturday, May 22 at the Pelican Grill in Morro Bay. Each band will perform a one-hour set of lively down-home music, followed by an old-time sunset jam session at the end of the day. Musicians are encouraged to being their instruments. Admission to the festival will be $15, with all proceeds to support the musicians. Performance schedule is Mother Corn Shuckers at 1:00, Mud Thump at 2:30, Little Black Train at 4:00, and sunset jam session at 5:30. Food and beverage will be available at the venue. Seating is limited.

Mother Corn Shuckers
Mother Corn Shuckers

With an all-star lineup of veteran string wizards Kenny Blackwell, John Weed, and Stuart Mason, the headliners Little Black Train will perform vintage fiddle tunes and old-time songs from their new self-titled release.  From Depression-era gospel to Appalachian and and Celtic dance tunes, they explore the roots of bluegrass that date back to the nineteenth century and earlier. They employ the time-honored “folk process” to combine new words and melodies with traditional songs from sources such as the Carter Family, Doc Boggs, and Bob Dylan. The new record also includes fiddle tunes from archival sources in West Virginia, Ireland, and Scotland.

Mandolinist Kenny Blackwell, who studied with the legendary Jethro Burns, has been a fixture in the West Coast bluegrass scene since the late ’80s. An accomplished fiddler across genres, John Weed has lived in Ireland and immersed himself in the traditional styles of Clare and Donegal. Guitarist Stuart Mason, who also plays mandola and banjo, is known for his authentic vocals and inability to hold his whiskey.

Mud Thump
Mud Thump

Mud Thump plays lively original songs that run the gamut from old-time bluegrass to new acoustic alt-country. Guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass fiddle combine with strong harmonies to produce their homegrown sound. With backgounds ranging from jazz to country, and strong original material, Mud Thump is a new band that has earned its place in the Morro Bay Folk and Fiddle Festival.

Opening the festival will be the Mother Corn Shuckers, an acoustic Americana outfit consisting of Che Miller on guitar and mandolin; Shawn Canon on guitar and mandolin; Mark Hughes on banjo; Jeff Pienack on guitar and harmonica; and Alan Vogan on bass fiddle.

Who: Little Black Train, Mud Thump, Mother Corn Shuckers
What: Morro Bay Folk and Fiddle Festival
Where: Pelican Grill, 560 Embarcadero, Morro Bay
When: Saturday May 22, 1-7:00PM
Cost: $15 at the door

Call 534-9021 for more information.
Email:  stu(at)

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