Little Black Train CD Release Party

Little Black Train: The Roots of Bluegrass.
Little Black Train: The Roots of Bluegrass.

Old-time bluegrass band Little Black Train will be performing at a CD release party on Saturday, February 6 at the Red Barn in Los Osos. In the tradition of the golden age of radio, they will also perform live on KCBX 90.1 FM at about 3:00 PM, during Song Town with Sonnie Brown. Listeners outside the area can hear the broadcast streaming live at

LISTEN: Take Your Leg Off Mine

With an all-star lineup of veteran string wizards Kenny Blackwell, John Weed, and Stuart Mason (and a surprise guest or two), the band will perform vintage fiddle tunes and old-time songs from their new release “Little Black Train.”  From Depression-era gospel to Appalachian and and Celtic dance tunes, they explore the roots of bluegrass that date back to the nineteenth century and earlier. They employ the time-honored “folk process” to combine new words and melodies with traditional songs from sources such as the Carter Family, Doc Boggs, and Bob Dylan. The new record also includes fiddle tunes from archival sources in West Virginia, Ireland, and Scotland.

LISTEN: Lady Hamilton Dalrymple’s Strathspey, The Old Falls of Richmond

The Red Barn Community Music Series is a monthly concert series showcasing local, regional, and national musicians performing old time, bluegrass, swing, Celtic, blues, and other forms of acoustic roots music. The Red Barn is located at 2180 Palisades Ave in Los Osos. The show begins at 7:00 PM with pot luck supper and pot luck band starting at 6:00 PM. No tickets are required but suggested donation is $10 at the door. BYOB and a dish to share for the pot luck supper. More info: 805-528-4530.

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2 thoughts on “Little Black Train CD Release Party”

  1. Great concert last night at the Red Barn, Stuart, John and Kenny. Thank you for giving your all. I recall that early gig at the Pour House last year. You have matured in your sound and grown together. I can feel the difference when you play your old-timey tunes vs. the celtic stuff. I also wanted to say to all of you that the banjo (original American instrument) for me anyway, created an exceptinonally rich effect last night, deep and authentic. Frailing kept it at a sweet volume with the rest of the instruments. You are all phenomenal in your own experience, and together with improvisation I saw last night, you’ve created a gem! I crave more, being the addict I am. Let that train roll!!!!!

  2. Stu,
    Man, does this bring back some long forgotten and dusty (no pun!) bluegrass memories. Great sound!

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